Dashcam Captures Polish Driver’s Collision With Police Car

A dashcam video from Poland showing a collision between an overtaking driver and a police car went viral in April 2017. The collision occurred when the police car attempted to turn left at the same time as the other driver was overtaking.

We see the cammer driving behind a silver hatchback and decides to overtake the slow driver in front of him. Two vehicles pass in the opposite direction before the cammer turns the signal on and steps on the gas pedal. When he overtakes, we see that there is a line of four other cars out front, all driving incredibly slow. So he slams the gas to overtake them all, when all of the sudden, the first car stops and turns left!

When the cammer notices the vehicle turning, which also turned out to be a police cruiser, he tried slowing down while also slamming on the horn, but the cruiser actually stops in the road, mid-turn and the cammer rams his car into the cruiser’s back bumper. Bummer!

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