Talented Hula Hoop Artist Demonstrates Her Incredible Skills

Nowadays there are a million different ways for hoopers to get themselves took note. You can put on brilliant hues and band out in the open, get included and accomplish something like joining the group, you can even contend in Hooping Idol.

At that point, there’s another choice which is a ton trickier and once in a while ever happens. Your video can become famous online, and when that happens you’re adept to locate your internet notoriety stretching out well beyond the outline of the neighborhood hoopersphere.


This amazing girl is Rachel Lust! Her skills in hula hoop are amazing! The 26-year-old Ohio local, who was raised by a gymnast and went through a lot of her time on earth as an acrobat herself, found hooping while at the same time searching for something she and her better half, who turns poi, could do together!

Rachael Lust, 2014 Female Hooper of the Year, shows off her amazing talent as she hula hoops to ‘Spirit In The Sky’. Amazing! Rachael, a self-announced “core body hoop lover” who likes to circle quick and hard, is right now winding up needing to investigate the airborne/tumbler side of the hooping scene as well, which appears like a characteristic fit for her with her experience.

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