The Sky Is On Fire During Breathtaking Sunset

There is nothing more captivating that watching the sun drowning in the endless horizon with its vivid colors going from red to orange or to an amazing mixture ranging from indigo to purple. And not only the view takes one’s breath but also feelings of peace, serenity and contentment are buzzing through the body.

Sunsets are indeed great and magical. And until this video, one could never imagine that in the world of sunsets, the sun going down could be such a dazzling vista. This stunning sunset is called ‘Solar Cauldron’ and it takes place over the Rottnest Island lighthouse, looking through 23km of atmosphere from Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia.

As you look at the horizon, a number of optical effects come into play, as the turbulence in Earth’s air distorts the image of the Sun. The intense yellow color of the sun and its fierce blush makes it difficult to see since it gives the impression of going blind. The colors at the top of the Sun generate flashes of green and blue that are also difficult to observe. The green flashes occur only sporadically and very briefly at sunset, when part of the sun suddenly changes to blue or green. The green flash is an optical phenomenon that one can see it shortly after sunset or before sunrise.

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