Bella the Boxer gives attitude over dinner choice

Good old Bella has had enough with boring doggie kibble. They all look and taste the same – round little pellets that look like cocoa puffs and are supposed to taste like chicken and rice, but they actually taste like someone forgot to put the chicken in the rice!

So she sniffs at the full bowl, licks suspiciously around the rim, but she is not fooled! That is no chicken! She’s been a good girl all these years, the least her human can do is cook her some tender chicken meat. Preferably the whites, because they are easier to chew. Sweet girl.

Boxers are the number one most picky eaters in all of the dog world. Some owners even say that they change their minds between meals, they are so picky! If your dog is a picky eater out of a whim, don’t cater to their every desire; but they eat normally and suddenly stop, take them to the vet, because it may be an underlying digestion problem.

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