Dramatic Dashcam Footage Shows Plane Crash in Mukilteo, Washington

A small plane crashed in flames at Mukilteo Boulevard Southwest in Mukilteo, Washington, on May 2nd, 2017. This incredible dashcam footage shows the plane coming down over the busy street. A number of cars were damaged, but local reports said there were no serious injuries.

The single-engine plane crashed at around 3.40 pm local time, shortly after it took off from Paine Field airport, not far from the crash site. The footage shows the plane hitting some power lines on its way down, which caused a brief power cut in the area, the Snohomish County Public Utilities District said.

Watch as the small airplane abruptly enters view of the dashcam and hurtles toward the ground after striking power lines. Once again, it’s incredible that no major injuries were reported.

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