Prankster Performs Experiment To Show That Looks Really Matter

Known as the famous Asian prankster on YouTube, Josh Paler Lin has accumulated over 2.7 million subscribers. Before doing funny pranks, he was a background dancer for music videos, including ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’. Born in Taiwan, 28-year-old Josh is an inspiring actor who loves entertainment and technology. His video ‘How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?’ has reached over 30 million views in just 3 weeks.

Social experiments involve human subjects and their thoughts and reactions to different situations. They is a great way to understand human nature and arouse debates among people. This recent video that Josh made was for a special purpose. He wanted to show that people are so quick to judge others based on their clothes and looks. Let’s all admit that at some point of our lives, we have judged and laughed at people based on their appearance.

Josh dressed up as a homeless man pushing a cart and went to several fancy restaurants and asked if he could eat inside. Most restaurants staff refused to let him in and some directed him to a ‘cheaper’ restaurant near. An hour later, Josh came back with a brand new black Ferrari and taught them a lesson.

In this social experiment, Josh Paler Lin shows us why you should never judge a book by its cover! Watch how restaurant hostesses react after he first shows up as a homeless man, then back again an hour later sporting a more wealthier appearance.

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