This Timelapse Of Blooming Flowers Is Truly Mesmerizing To Watch

Nature is truly an amazing thing. It can bring joy into our lives even when we are feeling low. There is so many different colors and beauty in nature that you cannot help be to be mesmerized when seeing a timelapse video like this.

After capturing a collection of stunning shots, photographer David de los Santos completed this absolutely mesmerizing “blooming flowers” timelapse. Good thing that David managed to capture this clip or else we would miss something spectacular! With stunning visuals, this is one clip that no one should miss!

This clip won David a gold medal for the 2015 Timelapse Showfest, an event where all the photographers who like to use this technique compete by submitting their high quality work. It was also part of the official selection for the Muestra Internacional De Timelapses el Castillo in Molina de Aragón, Spain.

Nature is all around us. Sometimes we have to take a step out of the virtual world and embrace the environment around you for what it is. After all, there is beauty wherever you look, you just have to have an open mind. Your smartphone cannot offer the same experiences that being outside in nature can offer. There is so much beauty to see, just like these flowers here. It is time to literally go out and smell the roses!

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