Watch A Soap Bubble Freeze Instantly In Real-Time

When it’s -25°C/-13°F outside, soap bubble mixtures freeze faster than they pop, making for some very fascinating effects! When the temperature drops so low, user ‘ChrisRatzlaff’ likes to go out in his backyard, bubble blower in one hand and the camera in the other. He jokes: “I think my neighbors have gotten used to this sort of behavior by now”

However, frozen bubbles are still very fragile creatures, so Chris experimented with different recipes to create a durable bubble wall that won’t pop in the slightest breeze. And we are not just talking about the water to soap ratio, no; we are talking about adding ingredients to your mixture to get the most flawless and stunning results each and every time, without exception!

And the secret recipe is:

– 200ml warm water
– 35ml corn syrup
– 35ml dish soap
– 2tbs sugar

Chill the mixture in the freezer to help speed up the process when outside and you will have your own frozen globes in matter of seconds! Just don’t forget to layer up, because it is frrrreezing out there!

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