Compilation of ping pong trick shots with a golf club

How do you complete the best trick shots? Just combine equipment from different sports! This guy performs multiple trick shots using a ping pong ball, a golf club and of course, the famous beer pong cups. He is definitely the life of the party! It is incredible to see him pull off these crazy trick shots. Maybe he should become a pro golfer. He hits the targets perfectly! It is already hard enough to get the ball into the cups, but he completes some trick shots by first bouncing the ball on the golf club. Amazing! He makes it look a lot easier than it actually is.

Hitting the ball frontwards, sideways, backwards, it doesn’t matter. It is going into the cup! He even gets his friend to help out and they pull off an incredible trick shot. The ball is first hit with the golf club towards a bucket, and once it hits off the bucket, it flies in a perfect arch right towards the cup. Does it go in? Of course it does! What a crazy shot! Good thing they got this on recording or no one would believe them!

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