Dad Interviews Clueless Toddlers About Sports

Sports play a very large part in our every day life. They are fun, exciting and bring daily joy.For all of those sport enthusiast, they just can wait for the super bowl time of the year to come so they can stick them self in front of the TV and watch it alongside their friends. Especially if their favorite team is playing or if they have placed a bet on some team. Whether way, it is a great way to start and finish off the weekend. Lay back on your couch, relax, and cheer. Maybe throw in a couple of not so nice words at the TV and at times even get frustrated about a false play that your team has made.

This dad sits his children down and interviews them on the topic of ‘Sports’. The answers they give to his questions are off the wall and are sure to make you laugh. For all those sports enthusiasts out there this might make you break your screen. Just a friendly warning for you all. Aside of that, these kids are all about the sports and the knowledge they have concerning sports. It sure is to broaden you horizons.

At the end of the day, whatever sport you are into, it all comes down to the fun in watching, the bonding with your friends and just relaxing and enjoying the day. Ether way, this video is definitely worth watching due to the cuteness and just the particular way in which these kids answer their dads questions.

Take a look as these kids are bound to put a smile a on your face!

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