Women Go Sand Skiing On The Flanks Of Mount Etna

Skiing is one of those awesome seasonal sports that truly makes you appreciate nature. All you need is a pair of good skis and fresh white powder to experience the thrill of the ride. But unless you have been well endowed in the wallet, you can only go skiing while there is winter where you live.

There are extreme sportists out there that won’t let the lack of snow prevent them from feeling the wind in their face as they ski downhill. Mount Etna, on the south coast of Sicily in Italy, might be still the most active volcano in Europe, but the black sands left behind by previous eruptions provide excellent traction for those who want to feel the powder mid summer.

An awesome video has emerged of three women sand skiing down the black slopes of Mount Etna. The footage, shot on July 30, shows Elisa Vottero, Elena Spalenza and Marta Lotti rushing down the flanks of the same volcano that last erupted in March 2017.

It looks like a scene from a science fiction movie. As the sun rises above it, the three ladies climb up Mount Etna, their gear strapped to their backpacks, slowing reaching the summit. It looks like they went skiing on another planet. So cool!

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