The fully self-driving car is about to take a step closer to reality.




Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that the test version of the company’s Autopilot system will be released in “a month or so.” While he didn’t describe its capabilities, Musk said that once it’s out, “you’ll see what it’s like. It’s amazing. It’s clearly going to work.”

A number of startups and established automakers have been racing to develop self-driving technology. While it has been fielded in tests, a system that completely drives the car in all circumstances without driver input is yet to become a feature on popular cars. Tesla’s current system requires drivers to always pay attention behind the wheel and, frankly, it’s not clear how far Tesla’s next step will go.

Musk spoke at the company’s annual stockholders meeting, a drive-in theater-style event before a sea of Tesla owners in their cars, done in the name of social distancing. They honked in unison whenever Musk announced promising developments.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, seen here in a 2019 file photo, says a full self-driving version of his company’s Autopilot system is about to roll out for wider testing
Musk said previously that the company’s latest electric cars have all the hardware they need for self driving. All they were missing was the software.

To accomplish the next step, Musk said his team has to completely rewrite the Autopilot software. He has been testing the cutting-edge versions himself.

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